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Some say life can be measured in the value of what we are able to give to our loved ones. A touch of quiet in a chaotic world, a moment of reflection before everything changes, a ray of sunshine when you’re stuck with the blues, or a favour that will never be forgotten. A gift voucher for CABN can be all of these things. Here are 11 of the best times to give the gift of a tiny house getaway to the recluse of the Adelaide Hills.


1. Unplug your workaholic

Is it your parents or your kids? A friend or a loved one? In this fast paced digital age, we all know someone who finds it hard to switch off. Relieve the chronic workaholic and the serial social media addict, just for a few nights, from their midnight screen-time and return them to tranquillity. Whether they sleep soundly the entire time or rekindle some old passions, the peace that solitude can offer is priceless.



2. Babymoon

Know someone with a newborn on the way? This precious time is a golden window; the heart is full of the thought of new life and love but the sleepless nights ahead have not yet arrived. Give them a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of pregnancy, to connect with their partner before two becomes three.


3. Happy Birthday 

What to get for the person who has everything, or for someone who prefers quality time and meaningful experiences over material gifts? Peace and quiet, escapism, nature and relaxation is a pretty nice place to start.


4. Creative Block

Is there an artist, musician, writer or poet in your life struggling with a creative block? Try dropping them amongst some of South Australia’s most blissful surroundings to clear their mind completely. Let the birdcalls and nature’s beauty talk to them and inspire them in new ways.


CABN Adelaide Hills

5. Anniversaries

The love and commitment behind anniversaries is inspiring. Show your appreciation for the effort and kindness of your loved ones by treating them to a warm and intimate week away. There’s nothing like being nestled in the heart of a natural scrubland, surrounded by creeks and starry skies, to have them feeling like newlyweds.


6. Take a mental health day

Do you notice someone you care about struggling with anxiety and depression? Wondering what you can do to help? It’s scientifically proven that surrounding oneself with nature can benefit health – it’s rooted in our biology! Give them the gift of a clear mind and the opportunity to indulge in the wilderness in Earth’s therapeutic nature.


7. Wedding Bells

 Who said you can only have one honeymoon? Putting a CABN voucher on their present table is the best way to make sure the sparks stick around. There is no better gift than the rediscovery of passion. Giving the gift of starry nights by the campfire and cosy cuddles in the CABN is one way to ensure even more unforgettable memories.


Reconnect Friends

8. Reconnect with friends

 The connection we make with our friends can last a lifetime, even if schedules don’t match up sometimes, or travelling sends you in different directions. There’s always a way to show your mates that you want to spend some serious quality time with them. Just a few bottles of wine and a deck of cards, storytelling and laughter. Friendship is a gift that keeps on giving.


9. The Ultimate South Australian Introduction

 When someone important is visiting Australia for the first time, be it family, friends or business associates, give them the gift of a true introduction to the real Australia. The opportunity be immersed in this exquisite landscape is the ultimate welcome, shaking off jetlag in the company of kangaroos and iconic bushland. Here a few nature walks they’ll love to explore during their stay:



10. Farwell to your wingman

Although your best mate may be romantically disinclined, they have fallen in love and bought a ring. Don’t let them ask the most important question of their life over a pizza box in the lounge room. As your final wing man or wing woman move, ensure that the sun is setting through a lattice of gum leaves, without a distraction in sight as they get down on one knee. They’ll thank you later.


11. Say thank you

When we are incredibly lucky enough to find ourselves surrounded by people that enrich our lives with their presence, we don’t need a special occasion to say thank you. Giving them a retreat, away from the stress of routine, says it all.


A CABN gift voucher is the gift of solitude, the promise of relaxation, and the creation of memories. It’s the reminder that life is here to be lived, un-plugged, off-grid, and with a smile. Spoil someone special by purchasing a CABN voucher here:

Or, if you’ve convinced yourself that you need an escape too, book your own stay here:

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