8 good reasons you need to book a CABN getaway

Do you need a getaway to find yourself again? Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days? Have you ever experienced what it feels like to live completely off the grid? It is an amazing feeling with benefits you wouldn’t believe until you experience it for yourself.

CABN is the answer. Located in stunning locations across South Australia and Victoria, CABNs provide an inviting space – perfect for enjoying a getaway to reconnect with loved ones or by yourself to reignite a passion that may be lost.

You never need a reason to escape to CABN, but if you’re looking for that little extra push, we’ve compiled a list of eight good reasons as thought starters.

Reconnect with loved ones

Whether you’re wanting to reconnect with your friends, your partner, your kids CABN provides the space to do so. Away from any distractions, this is the perfect setting to have a conversation, laugh a little louder, explore the regions our CABNs reside and simply rediscover nature. It also provides the opportunity to reconnect with who matters most – yourself. Meditate, do some outdoor yoga, re-read your favourite book or bring along one that’s been on your to-read list for months… the possibilities are endless. A CABN experience may mean a refresher course about what makes you, you.


Find your creativity

Are you a writer? A musician? An artist? Let your imagination roam free and escape from your creative block by booking a stay at CABN. Bring your laptop, your guitar, your pencils – whatever your tools of choice may be. Surrounded by boundless natural inspiration, your craft will flow from your fingertips. But do keep in mind, we don’t offer Wi-Fi.


Wedding Proposal at CABN

Spark joy and propose

An off the grid CABNs holiday is a perfect romantic setting for an unforgettable proposal. Surrounded by nature, with no interruptions, it’s just you and your significant other (as well as a few ‘roos here and there). As we say – minimal interruption, maximum connection. Whether you decide to get down on one knee and drop the big question over a glass of wine, or while lying under the stars on a warm summer night, it’s sure to be perfect. Remember to bring your camera and a tripod to capture the moment.



A perfect gift

Know someone who deserves to getaway? Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day… whatever the gift-giving occasion, our gift vouchers are a quick and easy solution. A CABN voucher is valid for 3 years from purchase. Your loved ones will thank you for it!

Wedding anniversary

Whether it’s your first, 10th or 50th wedding anniversary, we recommend celebrating this momentous occasion at CABN. Why? It allows you to reconnect on a new level – without your phones, your kids, or any other distractions. Bring wine, snacks, and a positive attitude and we’ll provide you with a few board games, a comfy bed, and a seriously good connection.


Date Ideas at CABN

A memorable perfect date

CABN is not your typical date location, we know – but that’s what makes it perfect. Surprise your significant other with a CABN experience and they’ll love you for it. There are so many things for you to do: hiking or bushwalking, watch the stars, build a fire (when it’s not bushfire season), tell stories, play board games, and just enjoy each other’s company. You’ll be looking back on this experience in years to come as one of the best things you have ever done together.


Taking Photos at CABN

Tourists – a trip of a lifetime

Hosting someone from overseas or interstate? Show them what Australia truly has to offer by either inviting them along with you on a CABN experience or buying them a CABN gift voucher. This will allow them to experience the beauty of the Australian landscape, fauna, and wildlife but with a touch of luxury.

Budget-friendly glamping getaway

Our CABNs may be compact but they are feature-packed with all the essentials – perfect to trial a camping experience, by definition you are actually glamping. In addition, all our CABNS have a kitchen with fridge, gas cooktop, sink and bathroom with shower and eco-friendly toilet. Perfect for couples, young families, friends, most of our CABNs sleep two guests with the provision for two more in a comfy day bed or adult sized bunks.

Search our selection of tiny CABN accommodations, here, and pack your hiking boots, get on the road and make memories that count – it’s as simple as that.

If these ideas have piqued your interest, book a stay or buy a gift voucher! You’ll thank us later.