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Before sending an enquiry please read our most common Frequently Asked Questions below or visit our general FAQs page here. For information about amenities and facilities on specific sites, please see individual CABN location pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a CABN?

CABNs includes a comfortable Queen or King bed with bedding and towels, kitchen and fridge with all utensils, bathroom with shower and eco friendly toilet. Every site also includes a BBQ & fire pit for use in non fire danger seasons.

Different sites may vary, please see specific location pages.


How close can I park to the CABN?

You can typically park within 100-200 metres of a CABN. Please note, you may not drive directly to the CABN. Once you park the car, the adventure starts!


Living Off Grid

Living off grid means using alternative methods of waste disposal and water saving. Please remember to reduce your electricity & water usage. We primarily rely on rain & sun to run our CABNs! However, we always ensure batteries are fully charged and water tanks are full. Please do not use hair driers, electric razors, toasters, hair straighteners, electric frypans, plug in heaters or any external appliances not included in the CABN. They will overload the system and leave you with no power! There is enough power to charge your mobile device.


Single Night Bookings and Remote Service Fee

There is a two night minimum stay. We do welcome single night bookings if a two night minimum isn’t available. Single night bookings are not available on Friday or Saturday nights, or at our CABN X CABNS sorry.

Please email with the name of the CABN and the date you’d like to book if you’re after a single night.

Due to the remote locations, the cost of cleaning and servicing of our CABNS, after every stay, requires a ‘remote service fee’ that we proudly spend locally by employing people from nearby regional towns. This fee is $60 and applies to all bookings.


Is there phone range?

Each CABN will vary, this is also dependant on your phone carrier. However, you are always within 10 to 20 minutes of a regional town! There is no WiFi.