A New Year often marks the start of new beginnings. While we may not always be able to stick to our resolutions we can always take the time to stop, disconnect, and reflect on what we have achieved so far. Sometimes by taking a breath and changing our surroundings, we can focus on what matters most, our wellbeing, connection to nature and sharing time with those that we love.

That’s why in 2020 we are proud to announce our CABN Jude has a change of surroundings.

In October 2017 CABN introduced South Australia to Jude, our very first CABN. She has been a true source of joy for us. With Jude’s materials and construction being sourced and conducted within Australia we took a lot of pride in knowing what we can accomplish with our unique and diverse builds.

As our previous guests and friends of CABN know, Jude has been an escape for many, an opportunity to unplug, relax and spend some quality time among the stunning backdrop of the Adelaide Hills.

Now it is time for Jude to introduce you to a new and spectacular pocket of the Adelaide Hills as she has officially moved! While we can’t tell you exactly where she is (we like to keep our unique spots a secret after all) she is loving her new home and we do too. In fact, we think it is one of our best locations to date! Same Jude. New surroundings. Only 25 minutes away from the city.

But you may be wondering, why would you want to move a CABN? While we have cherished Jude’s home we wanted our guests to have the CABN experience in a whole new way with the added comfort of what Jude has given them before. As all of our CABNs are road legal and quite nimble, it is also an important factor of movability in the case of an emergency or severe weather circumstances.

Moving Jude, much like any other CABN, is a quick and simple process. In the short space of 8 hours, Jude was disconnected, transported, and set up in her new home.

The process of moving a CABN is quite simple, here is how we did it:

Before we hit the road with Jude we had to prepare her for the journey ahead. This involved disconnecting Jude’s external solar system, removing any unfixed furnishings, draining the water tanks, and removing the gas bottles.

Once Jude was completely disconnected, she was connected to her mode of transport (a Landcruiser), once the clearing was checked we hit the road. A quick 30-minute drive later Jude arrived at her new home. We then set everything back up and had her running like clockwork.

Most importantly her previous home in the Adelaide Hills remained exactly as it did when she first moved in, proving the minimal impact that our CABN stays have on their surrounding environments.

We invite you to experience our Jude in a whole new way! Book your next Adelaide Hills adventure here.

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