Let’s face it, 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year, especially for our country Victorians! We have been stuck indoors, stressed about work, and spent way too much time in front of screens. Remember a time pre-screens? When you felt just a little less distracted and more curious about your surroundings? Of course, it is hard to stay less distracted working from home, but now more than ever we need a digital detox wrapped up with a well-deserved short getaway.

Unfortunately, we can’t just hop on a flight to travel thousands of miles anymore, but who says paying for visas and passports, arranging travel insurance, queuing for airport body scans, cramming with the masses into a plane and contributing to aviation carbon emissions* was ideal anyway? How about taking this about-turn and discover the beauty in your own backyard? It’s super easy to book a well-deserved trip with those you care about the most.

Imagine a short-getaway with Jude, our very first CABN. With Jude, you can make the most of the word ‘glamping’ by reading a good book on the luxurious daybed. After you’ve had a bit of sun-soaking, you could venture out to make the most of the best things the local region has to offer.

Perhaps you would prefer the tranquil serenity amongst the stunning backdrop of Kuitpo with either Matilda or Georgia? It’s only a hop skip and a jump from the stunning coast of McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu. Look carefully among the trees, and you might get lucky to spot a koala or two. Scan the fields below, and you might see some alpacas chewing the scenery (literally).

With Matilda, you can see the sunset from your own unique decking, sit back relax, and open a bottle of Fox Gordon (for the antioxidants of course). If you pay Georgia a visit, you will slide open the doors to comfort. With her unique design and windows, you can enter your own personal bedroom/observation hub, making the most of the surrounding greens in style.

If you would like to explore more of the McLaren Vale region, pop in to see Chloe or Bella for your ultimate fix. Boasting its own perfect spot for a campfire among the stars, Chloe really is the ideal digital-detox escape for the family. Here you can roast marshmallows (during fire pit season), listen out for the sounds of nature and feel completely isolated and reconnected. Oh, and did we mention she holds a queen-sized bed and two single full-sized bunk beds? When visiting Bella, you will notice the biodiversity of nature around you, abandoning the strains of the familiar for the peace that only a premium vineyard setting can provide. Simply cook up a storm before playing some board games, time to forget what the word stress even means!

Remember you don’t have to check if your passport is valid to make a great escape for one of our off-grid CABNS in regional Australia today. View to book one of our CABNs here.



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