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“Life is what happens between Wi-Fi signals.” – Unknown  

In today’s technology-obsessed world, we understand it can be hard to find the incentive to put down your devices and unplug from everyday stresses. We depend on them far too much for work, enjoyment and simply communicating with each other.

Whatever happened to a good ol’ face-to-face conversation? Here at CABN, we want you to disconnect and reconnect with the most important people in your life – even if it is just with yourself!

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 20 activities to do with your loved ones that require little or no technology – all of which can be done during your stay at any of our off-grid cabins South Australia and Victoria.


Play board games at CABN

Play Board Games.

We’ve included a few of the old favourites in our cabin (who doesn’t like Scrabble and Uno?), but if you have a family fave bring it with you! Get a little competitive with Monopoly or find a deck of cards and play ‘go fish’… We guarantee you’ll laugh out loud and ask yourself why you don’t drag out the games more often.


Go Hiking or Bushwalking.

On the beautiful flora-filled property where our cabins are secretly located, there are a number of wide hiking tracks you can follow to explore your surrounds – day and if you dare, at night. Why not pack a picnic – but don’t forget to carry a decent amount of water when hiking in warmer weather – you’ll be surprised how thirsty you get!


Watch the Stars.

Without the lights of the city, you’ll be amazed by the million stars visible at night. Grab your sleeping bag and lay outside on your back for the best view. Connect the dots and create pictures among the twinkling lights above you. If your kids are young, it’s a great way to get creative during story time. Maybe even find your zodiac or look for a shooting star.


Build a Fire.

Providing it’s not bushfire season, we encourage you to build a fire in the fire pit to not only keep warm, but to just gaze and enjoy. Grab some marshmallows and a few sticks to get them roasting. Then tell your best campfire stories, jokes or recall old camping memories. Good topics of conversation: ‘never have I ever’, ‘would you rather’ and ‘20 questions’.


Play Hide and Seek.

Okay, there’s not a huge amount to hide behind except the bushes and trees, but there sure are a lot of trees to run between. But remember our snake rule: if it’s moving don’t go near it; and if that’s not an option, run real fast!



After a few glasses of wine, a game of charades will have everyone in stitches. Print out some possible things to act out before you leave, cut them up and put them in a container. Everyone can pick one out and there’ll be no need to search for ideas online.


Learn a New Skill.

Ever wanted to learn a new hobby but just haven’t had the time? Well, you’ve got plenty of free time at CABN. Maybe you’re interested in knitting, drawing or learning to play an instrument. Whatever it is, you can avoid distractions here.


Tell Old Stories.

It’s time to tell your kids or partner how much fun you had when you were a kid, or what your parents were like and how you rebelled. Make them laugh with the funny skeletons in your closet.


Cooking on our two-burner stove 

Cook Together.

There’s nothing quite like cooking together, especially in a tiny house like our CABN. A three-course, gourmet meal may not be ideal to practice here, but we can make a mean bangers and mash, spaghetti bolognese, or a vegetable curry on our two-burner kitchen stove. Or what about a little fun by bringing your own billy can and camp oven to make billy tea while watching your damper rise over the open campfire. Whatever you make, finish it by eating together around the fire or on the provided outside picnic table.

Get Physical.

CABN is the ideal place to burn a few calories without the temptation of the telly blaring back at you. Go for a hike, a run, practice some yoga or… take this advice as you will… wink, wink!


CABN founder, Michael Lamprell, singing


Make like the Von Trapp family and fill the hills with the sound of music. It doesn’t matter if you’re any good because nobody else can hear you (except maybe the kangaroos). Bring a guitar if you like to strum and sing your favourite campfire songs.



This may be just a matter of keeping warm, or it could be that you’re both needing a little physical touch. Sit on our king-single bed and look out towards nature together, or snuggle up and read your favourite book. Perhaps nap while you’re at it.



Tell your best knock-knock jokes or poke fun at each other. However, you do it, release some endorphins and feel the stress of city life fade away.


Get your Camera Out.

No, we don’t mean your iPhone camera. Charge the batteries and dust off the point-and-shoot or video recorder. We’d love to see how you capture photos of our CABN and the world around it, when you get back to the real world #CABNLIFE and we’ll share your love.



With the soft tweets of so many different species of native birds around the CABN, it’s actually quite interesting to spot the different types flying amongst the trees. Bring some binoculars and a birdwatching book to help you identify which bird is which.


Have a Dance Party.

We’ve provided a little speaker for your iPod in our CABN. Plug it in and get the tunes pumping before you dance around the room or out amongst nature. Consider it a grounding exercise that’ll leave you feeling energised.


Bring your craft supplies and get creative 

Get Crafty.

Bring the coloured pencils, a colouring book or some craft supplies and see what you can make. It could quickly be a source of your laughter (see above).


Meditate. Do yoga.

Bring a yoga mat with you and complete your morning ritual out in the open. The fresh air will reinvigorate you.



Are you an aspiring or accomplished author, poet or musician needing to get a few words on the page? CABN is the ideal retreat to simply sit in the quiet of nature and just write. No distractions, no temptations, just you and the words. But remember, we’re Wi-Fi free – there’s no internet up here!


We love our four-legged friends at CABN

Play With your Dog.

Bring your four-legged friend and make up for the lost days at work. Take them exploring along the walking tracks, let them sniff things, pee on things and check out the world to their hearts content. Give them a few treats as you sit together by the fire: they’ll smile back at you for letting them be a real dog companion in the great outdoors.


Camp O’clock. Just Sleep.

Feeling like you need to count a few sheep? There’ll be no interruptions at CABN (apart from the sound of your own snores), so you can either adjust your body clocks to the natural light or shut the blinds, curl up under the blankets and doze off into the land of nod.


Technology is amazing but not being connected to technology for just two days can be even more amazing.

We would love to know your favourite ways to disconnect at our CABNs. Share your time out snaps by tagging us or use #cabnlife.

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