• Relax. Rediscover. Reconnect.

    A new off-grid tiny house getaway experience in South Australia.

make lighter, lessen, reduce, decrease, diminish, moderate, soften, ease, temper; alleviate, mitigate, allay, relieve, palliate, assuage, soothe, calm, subdue.


The pace and strain of our world have left us with ever-increasing pressure. Pressure to succeed. To compare, to obtain. To do more, be better. To always be online, available.

But does this make us happy? At CABN, we decided enough was enough. It’s time to simplify, to disconnect. Get off-grid. Discover the authenticity of nature. Interact on a meaningful level. Detox oneself from hectic reality. Slow down and kick stress to the curb.

We help you achieve this – right in South Australia’s backyard. How? With handcrafted, off-grid CABNs – merely an hour away from the city. So while our inboxes have invaded our evenings and work our weekends – CABN is building solutions. Welcome to the tiny house revolution. Welcome back to nature. Welcome to CABN.

Set in the stunning Adelaide Hills

Set in 180 acres of natural scrubland and adjacent to a conservation park boasting incredible walking trails, creeks, dams and breathtaking scenery.

Situated in the stunning Adelaide Hills, less than an hour’s drive from Adelaide, our first CABN location is a quiet achiever. In the hills, you are never far from wine, but with conservation parks nearby you can forgo the wineries and reconnect with nature.

Think bushwalking, forest, creeks, waterfalls and bird watching. Expect kangaroos, drop bears and bandicoots. Wake up to the sound of magpies and kookaburras heralding the dawn. Gaze up at the night sky, with a warming nip in hand.

Depending on the time of year, cuddle around the fire pit and talk into the long night with your loved ones. Get back to nature’s circadian rhythms.


Breathe in. Close your eyes. Smell the clean air. Listen to the sounds of nature. Unwind.


Remember the freedom of childhood. Living outside, from dawn till dusk. Make nature your playground.


Pick up a book. Start a conversation. Taste your food. Stretch your legs – and your imagination.

About Us

Our CABNs are off-grid and self-contained, sustainable custom designed tiny houses. Placed on secluded curated sites, it’s just you, the natural surrounds and the company you bring.

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