• Relax. Rediscover. Reconnect.

    Off-grid tiny house getaway experiences in Australia.

Relax, rediscover and reconnect, knowing your CABN has been cleaned to an extremely high standard, complying with all standards set by Quality Tourism Australia.

Enjoy your escape into nature with CABN.

make lighter, lessen, reduce, decrease, diminish, moderate, soften, ease, temper; alleviate, mitigate, allay, relieve, palliate, assuage, soothe, calm, subdue.


The pace and strain of our world have left us with ever-increasing pressure. Pressure to succeed. To compare, to obtain. To do more, be better. To always be online, available.

But does this make us happy? At CABN, we decided enough was enough. It’s time to simplify, to disconnect. Get off-grid. Discover the authenticity of nature. Interact on a meaningful level. Detox oneself from hectic reality. Slow down and kick stress and anxiety to the curb.

We help you achieve this – right in Australia’s backyard. How? With handcrafted, off-grid CABNs – merely an hour away from the city. So while our inboxes have invaded our evenings and work our weekends – CABN is building solutions. Welcome back to nature. Welcome to CABN.

It’s the natural surrounds and the company you bring. Get lost with CABN and retreat into nature.

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. Not only with ourselves but our environment and the people in it. The realities of modern life are eroding the base of our existence. Each other.

CABN was established to provide people with a means of disconnecting from the mayhem we have brought upon ourselves. Our completely off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly relocatable cabins are transforming some of Australia’s most stunning and stimulating landscapes and offer an ideal escape.

Give yourself a fighting chance with a short stay, recharge your batteries and retreat in style. Our digital detox allows you the freedom to reconnect with what and who makes you happiest.

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