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Welcome to CABN

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. Not only with ourselves but our environment and the people in it.

CABN was established to provide people with a means of disconnecting from the mayhem we have brought upon ourselves. Our completely off grid, sustainable and eco friendly cabins are transforming some of Australia’s most stunning and stimulating landscapes and offer an ideal nature escape.

While our inboxes have invaded our evenings and work our weekends – CABN is building solutions. Give yourself a chance to disconnect from technology with a short stay, recharge your batteries and retreat off the grid. Our digital detox allows you the freedom to reconnect with what and who makes you happiest.

CABN Off-Grid Cabin Accommodation in South Australia


Rediscover and explore in a minimalist, off grid cabin surrounded by nature. Packed with all the essentials.

CABN X by CABN Off-Grid Cabin Accommodation in South Australia


For couples only, relax and regenerate as you unwind in your sauna or outdoor bath with CABN X. Nature is the new luxury.


CANVS is an eco-friendly pavilion style accommodation, built with canvas walls and glass doors to let the light shine in.