CABN Hosting Update: We’ve been working on some very exciting escapes throughout the last year! We appreciate every single hosting submission and encourage you to please send through your beautiful properties for us to review. We’d just like to make you aware we will likely be looking for new sites mid to late 2022 whilst we finalise our current projects.

CABN Hosting:

Hosting a CABN provides land owners with the option of creating passive income for their large, unique and beautiful properties throughout Australia. Utilising land that may otherwise not be used is a great opportunity to share your property with others, through the form of offering entirely relocatable, off grid accommodation.


We look for:

  • Land that’s usually within 1-3 hours of a major city, encouraging guests to escape into nature and focus on the beauty that surrounds them.
  • Accessible sites, with a level area suitable to place a CABN whilst maintaining total privacy away from man made noise. We encourage guests to park within 150m of the CABN and walk the rest of the way.
  • Unique, beautiful locations with the potential of multiple CABN’s per site.


CABN offers a sustainable accommodation option, helping to promote tourism in your region and activating unused land to create a passive income for land owners. Providing options to stay in areas which otherwise may be deemed difficult to access or build infrastructure in.

If this sounds like an opportunity for your picturesque property, please submit the below form and we’ll happily provide some more information and our different revenue earning models.


Host A CABN Confirmation
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