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CABNs include a Queen or King bed, kitchen with fridge, gas cooktop, sink and bathroom with shower and eco-friendly toilet. We provide fresh bed linen and bath towels and other provisions including bottled water, tea, coffee, milk, salt & pepper, biodegradable washing products and soap.

Every site has a BBQ & fire pit for use only outside the fire restrictions season, generally but varying from May to the end of November.

Some CABNs allow the option to add a small person (or two) under the age of 12 for free or one or two additional guests for a small fee. 

Each CABN may vary, please see the specific location pages for variations.

Our CABNs maybe off grid but they are actually eco-friendly tiny houses. Each CABN has a heater or romantic internal wood heater for colder months, a two-burner kitchen stove and tools, either a very comfy king or queen bed, shower, toilet, full-size sink, mini-fridge/freezer, outdoor BBQ plus good vibes. While in the summer months our CABN’s are equipped with ceiling fans and screened-in windows to let in the natural airflow.

In case of emergencies, we have you covered with a fire extinguisher and blanket, and a First Aid Kit.

Life changes we get that, but cancellations can result in an empty CABN. Therefore, if you need to change your booking for whatever reason, we can change the dates for you, subject to availability, and as long as it is 30 days before your arrival.

Alternatively, we can also offer a CABN credit voucher for the exact same tariff as your booking, as long as it is 30 days before your arrival, so the earlier you let us know the better.

No refunds are given on cancelled bookings, non-arrival or unused nights.

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances including loss of deposit, cancellation of airline flights, cancellation fees, medical expenses and loss of any personal belongings during the stay.

The property owner will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However, the property owner reserves the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

We lease land from private landowners in Australia. Occasionally leases end, regulations change or property suitability changes and we may need to move our cabin to a new location. Therefore, when booking, we cannot guarantee a specific location. If there is a change of location, you will receive an email letting you know in advance.

Check in is from 3pm and check out is 11am providing a complimentary sleep in.

Just like us, our CABNs need time to recharge and reconnect, so we do request that you don’t arrive before check in at 3pm and you please leave no later than 11am on your departure day.

We also may have a service or maintenance team onsite during the check out period, so for everyone’s health and safety, we do appreciate your co-operation and understanding with this.

There is a two night minimum stay. 

We do welcome single night bookings if a two night minimum isn’t available. Please email hello@cabn.life with the name of the CABN and the date you’d like to book if you’re after a single night.

Yes, you absolutely can buy a gift voucher. Your loved ones will thank you for it! You can spend as much as you like, and once you’ve paid you will receive a receipt and your gift will be emailed to them with a unique code. It’s a perfect way to reduce your carbon emissions – no packaging, no transport required. Just click here to buy a gift voucher.

Cancellations don’t happen often, but if we don’t have any availability for your desired nights and you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and subscribe to our CABN VIP newsletter. We don’t spam we just let our VIPs in on pre-bookings for new CABN locations first and any cancellations that become available. 

A $250 refundable bond is payable to cover but not limited to extra guests, excess cleaning and rubbish removal, incidentals and/or property damage and loss.

This will be charged to your credit card and refunded within five business days of your departure.

Due to the remote locations, the cost of cleaning and servicing of our CABNS, after every stay, requires a ‘remote service fee’ that we proudly spend locally by employing people from nearby regional towns. This fee is $75 and applies to all bookings.

Check in is quick and easy, so you can begin your escape ASAP.  Approximately a week before your arrival time, you will receive an email containing the location of your CABN, as well as your personalised entry code or key lock box code. When you reach the CABN for check in at 3pm, simply enter the code on the door or lock box and take a deep breath: you’ve arrived.

We also ask that you don’t arrive before 3pm, as just like us, our CABNs need time to recharge and reconnect. We also may have service and maintenance team members on site during the check out period, so for your health and safety, and our team, please leave the site as promptly as possible and no later than 11am.

Each CABN is within 10-20minutes of a regional town. Depending on your provider you will generally have mobile reception & access to your own data.

We do not provide free Wifi at the CABNs.

We love dogs here at CABN. We understand that dogs don’t just provide companionship but physical and mental health benefits too. However, not all our CABNs are dog friendly, simply because of the unique bushland settings and abundance of wildlife and farm animals that may be nearby.

Dogs are welcome at CABNs Jude, Matilda, Jarrah, Nala & Bambra. They are allowed inside but please bring their own bedding and ensure they do not jump on our luxurious beds.

The CABNs are not fenced, so dogs must remain on a long line lead at all times to respect the local surroundings. If they poo, please pick it up and dispose of in the bin provided.

The fee is $100 per stay to bring your dog on the CABN adventure. This fee is inclusive of extra cleaning charge to ensure our CABNS are thoroughly sanitised after every dog stay.

If you’d like to pre-purchase wine, please select at time of booking. Each CABN has different options to support local producers. If you decide you’d like to add any items after your booking, please contact hello@cabn.life with your booking information.

Once you arrive, you can also purchase extras from the provisions.

Designated car parks are usually within 100-200 metres of a CABN. Our car spaces are designed for 2 cars max. Some walks are easier than others so please contact hello@cabn.life for more information.

Once you park the car, your adventure starts!

Yes! Our CABNs are accomodating to every season. Each of our CABNs feature small fans and screened-in windows so you can enjoy the summer breeze, and are also equipped with heat for cold-weather stays.

A really good attitude for a start! Actually, scratch that. Turn up feeling exhausted and then leave with all the calm of a 100-year-old Yoda. Dependent on the weather forecast you should bring:

  • Pending on the season, gumboots or walking shoes and an umbrella.
  • Hat and sunscreen. Slip, slop, slap is the Australian way.
  • Mosquito repellant.
  • Dig out your camera, or better still just look at the things around you.
  • An iPod and charger, for relaxing tunes.
  • Enough food to last your stay. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – think easy one-pot wonders.
  • Cheese, wine, and whiskey. But that’s just our shopping list.
  • Firewood, kindling and paper – within the fire season only.
  • If your CABN is dog friendly bring your dog’s favourite bed, blanket and food. Poop bags. A long lead to keep up your pooch from wandering.
  • A sense of adventure.
  • Somebody(s) you like.

We keep the location secret until shortly before each booking so guests can have a surprising and spontaneous experience. This way, you are able to focus on getting away to the nature. Forget the stresses and FOMO of traditional vacation planning, no restaurant reviews, or researching tourist traps. We aim for all of our CABNs to be placed merely a one to two-hour drive from the nearest major city. Far enough to really get away, but close enough for a spontaneous escape.

Living off grid means consuming less energy and using alternative methods of waste disposal and water saving. Have a go! Try to reduce your electricity & water usage. Please do not use hair driers, electric razors, toasters, hair straighteners, electric frypans, plug-in heaters or any external appliances not included in the CABN. They will overload the system and leave you with no power!

We primarily rely on rainwater & sun to run our CABNs! However, we always ensure batteries are fully charged and rainwater tanks are full.

And if you absolutely have to – there is enough power to charge your mobile device.


Fire seasons in Australia and daily conditions are documented in media, local radio, and the internet. If there is a complete fire ban in place you will be notified by text or email and you MUST adhere to this notice. It is up to the guest to stay on top of these warnings and act accordingly. In summer, it’s safest to assume that all open flames outside are banned, usually from 1st of December to 30th of April. In case of severe fire danger, we reserve the right to cancel a booking and refund the amount.

There are campfire pits on each site, we only ask that you burn in accordance with local fire regulations. It is your responsibility to be aware of any current or out of season burning bans. If all is well, enjoy your campfire, my friend!

Please don’t collect firewood from the site or its surrounding property or cut down any trees; we want other guests to enjoy the natural elements, too! 

Our CABNs are located in rural areas and subsequently are not staffed 24/7. As such, you (the guest) acknowledge that it is your responsibility for your own safety in and around our CABNs. You acknowledge that you are aware of the risks entailed in a wilderness environment. In Australia, the risks are diverse including, but not limited to: snakes, spiders, over-friendly kangaroos, wombat holes, angry livestock, and poisonous plants. Just to name a few.

General rule of thumb: If it moves, leave it along. If that’s not an option, run. Very fast. 

You must follow the supplied route and park in the designated area, with two cars maximum at the parking area. You must not attempt to drive off the supplied route, particularly the path to the CABN itself, as this is not suitable for driving. 

During wet weather, you agree to park in the wet weather zones as outlined in the pre-arrival instructions.

Failure to follow this may result in your car being bogged and towing required at your expense. You will be responsible for all losses or damages caused if you do not follow the directions.

When out for a hike, please stick to the tracks and not wander off them, you must also not approach private property features like dams without prior consent from the landowner.


It’s a pretty simple process, we don’t like to over complicate things. Check out time is 11am and we do ask that you leave as promptly as possible. Just like us our CABNs need time to recharge and reconnect. We also may have maintenance and service team on site during the check out period, so for your health and safety, and our team, we do ask you stay no later than 11am.

Please –

  • Leave the site and the CABN in the original condition in which you found it.
  • Leave via the pre-approved route only, not all roads and paths are designed for cars!
  • As you are on private property, please take all your rubbish with you, including bottles, recycling and food scraps.
  • Finally, you are required to take some of the zen you found at CABN home with you until your next visit.

No longer able to make your booking at CABN but don’t want to let it go to waste? Get in touch with us at hello@cabn.life with your booking information as soon as possible (preferably more than 5 days before the intended stay) and we can transfer the booking to a friend or family member. Won’t they be so lucky! 

While we always encourage you to digital detox when you’re on a CABN trip, having your mobile charged and having transport close to hand is always a good idea in case of emergency. In the CABN itself, we will provide a list of the local doctors, chemists, and hospitals as well as a First Aid Kit.

No, unfortunately we do not manufacture our CABNs for private sale. We purely build for our own Australian owned accommodation business.  

No answer to your question? Please ask us.