Choose your own CABN adventure – 6 reasons to give a CABN gift voucher.

Can you hear that? The wind gently coming and going through the trees, the birds singing from everywhere around you, your footsteps kissing the path to your hidden cabin? Float into calmness as you revel in the beauty and stillness of nature. Are you ready? Let’s go!

There is ample evidence that going ‘back to basics’, reconnecting with nature, and being away from the hustle and bustle of city life, can assist in our ability to be mindful, and positive in our mental state. A CABN gift voucher for the ones you love is a powerful way to show you care and the benefits far outweigh anything you can box and bow. So consider gifting a moment to pause, to unwind, to find calm amongst the storm, to reset the senses with a relaxing week or weekend away in a stunning location and CABN of their choice.

Here are six reasons you should give a CABN gift voucher – you’ll be rewarded beyond measure.

Creating lasting memories

Chances are you don’t still have that techy gadget you had to have or wear the trendy shirt that was so in style, but the memories of your family camping trip stick out vividly in your mind. Let’s be honest, no matter how thoughtful your gadget is, chances are it will be forgotten just as quickly as it was delivered. Your escape to nature in memories, however, will last a lifetime.

The gift of quality time

Travel gives us the gift of time away. And when we can escape the day-to-day routine, we can reconnect as we spend time with loved ones. It’s known that shared experiences are key to strengthening relationships, and what’s better than experiencing a new place together with no distractions other than nature? Whether it be with the whole family, a friend, or someone you love, you’re sure to enjoy quality time while sparking a renewed appreciation for one another.

Broaden the horizons

Seeing new places and engaging in nature opens our minds and helps us gain new perspectives and clarity. To embark on a new outdoor adventure, CABN is an exciting way to learn about nature and see and hear the natural world from a most wonderful different point of view. Even though our eco CABNs are just tiny houses on wheels with everything you need, you may just realise how very little you can live with and how happy that makes you feel.

Reset the senses

Do you or a loved one suffer from boredom, lack of inspiration, stress or a constant feeling of being overwhelmed? If it has been a while since time-out, might we suggest a two day break to step away from the lengthy list of commitments, appointments and events to calm your nerves and ease your mind? Or perhaps a week-long jaunt to reignite creativity? While we don’t doubt that our phones have the latest and greatest self-care apps, there is something about having a screen-free break and being in nature that you simply can’t beat.

The gift that sparks joy

Staying in a CABN is more than just a trip. As soon as your loved one unwraps the voucher, the excitement and anticipation begins. All your loved one has to do is choose the CABN and destination that inspires calm, relaxation and inspiration, then pack some meals and a change of clothes. The trip itself gives you and your loved ones the chance to do all the things mentioned above – spend quality time together, broaden your horizons, and reset. And after the trip is over, you will return with memories that you will cherish forever.

The gift to choose your own CABN adventure

Be it our eco luxury CABN Xs with their opulent sauna and outdoor bath or our family-friendly fleet of feature-packed CABNs, we have all styles of CABNS hidden about South Australia (and one in Victoria) in carefully selected locations for their serenity and nature that guarantees that feeling you are ‘world away’.

These six reasons prove that there is much to be gained when you buy a CABN gift voucher. So go on! Be that someone, buy a CABN gift voucher here. They’ll love you for it, we promise!

CABN gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from purchase.