Cape St Albans
Self Guided Experiences​

At Cape St Albans on Kangaroo Island, we want our guests to truly relax, rediscover and reconnect.

The natural surroundings of Cape St Albans create a sensory experience, inviting you to immerse yourself fully in the sights, sounds, scents, and textures of this remarkable place. It is a sanctuary of tranquility and wonder, offering a respite from the outside world and a space for connection, reflection, and rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul.

We have curated a range of experiences exclusively for our guests that showcase Cape St Alban’s spectacular nature and wildlife, support wellness, and deepen understanding of the connection our First Nations people have to the Island and Cape St Albans. We have also prepared some suggested itineraries for you to help plan your stay – we can’t wait to welcome you!

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences

Cape St Albans has significant cultural and spiritual importance to the Aboriginal people who have lived on Kangaroo Island for thousands of years. The area around Cape St Albans is rich in Aboriginal heritage and contains several significant cultural sites that provide important insights into the history and culture, including the burial sites at Antechamber Bay which date back at least 6,000 years.

Connection to Country is a central aspect of Aboriginal culture. Landforms, water, plants, birds, and animals are of spiritual significance. Over thousands of years Aboriginal communities developed ways of living and thriving on their Country that is sustainable, respectful, and conserves its resources.

Caring for Country also means caring for people’s health, wellbeing, and practising the customs of the Dreaming which beautifully align with CABN’s values.

The Ngarrindjeri and Ramindjeri people have a deep spiritual connection to the land around Cape St Albans and CABN is incredibly excited to offer Cape St Albans guests the opportunity to learn their ways of caring for country. CABN X guests can book half day or full day guided Aboriginal cultural experiences with Kool Tours who will share their interpretation of Kangaroo Island’s unique flora and fauna, Nurrunderi dreaming story, bushtucker foods and medicines, cosmology, and Aboriginal history.

Guided Aboriginal Cultural Experiences with Kool Tours

Self Guided Experiences

Nature and Wildlife

Kangaroo Island is known for its abundant wildlife and Cape St. Albans is a microcosm of the island’s unique and diverse ecosystem, offering one of the best, immersive, and most secluded nature and wildlife experiences on Kangaroo Island.

Imagine yourself surrounded by Kangaroo Island kangaroos and wallabies, and being in awe of an echidna digging for ants. You may hear a squawking noise from above and spot a rare Glossy Black Cockatoo flying in the sky.  Cape St Albans is home to a breeding pair of White-bellied Sea Eagle, and it’s a majestic site to see them gliding above water with their wingspan of around 2.2 metres.

Wildlife is often most active in the early morning and late afternoon, so these are good times to go on a wildlife in the wild experience. Kangaroos and wallabies can often be seen grazing in the grasslands or hopping through the bush. Echidnas often feed in open areas, such as grasslands. Be patient, quiet, move slowly and take your time. Respect their habitat, avoid getting too close and you should have an amazing wildlife experience at Cape St Albans.

In addition to the natural beauty and wildlife, rugged coastline, pristine beaches, eucalyptus forests, Cape St Albans offers a range of recreational nature-based and wellness activities, including walking, hiking, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, star gazing. Here are just a few of our amazing nature and wildlife experiences.

Cape St Albans Nature Walk

Cape St Albans Birdwatching

Cape St Albans Wildlife

Cape St Albans Dusk Wildlife Tour

Stargazing at Cape St Albans

Wellness and Relaxation

In today’s fast-paced and often stressful world, prioritising wellness is crucial for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. Wellness encompasses not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is about nurturing yourself holistically and taking proactive steps to ensure a state of optimal vitality and inner peace. This is where practices like Yoga, Pilates, meditation and contemplation come into play.

With minimal distractions and the absence of urban noise, performing those mindful practices in the beautiful natural surroundings of Cape St Albans can help you achieve a state of inner stillness, peace, and balance.

The design and panoramas afforded by our CABN X encourage relaxation at any time of the day, but especially at sunset following a fulfilling day of discovery and exploration.

Cape St Albans Sauna Experience

Cape St Albans Yoga Experience

Cape St Albans Pilates Experience

Cape St Albans Walking Meditation

Cape St Albans Sitting Meditation

Cape St Albans Sunset Champagne Experience

Suggested Itineraries, Food, Wine and our Favourite Places

Kangaroo Island is a rich tapestry of Australian landscapes and wildlife, iconic coastal formations and local produce. The Kangaroo Island community will welcome you with open arms and provide many memorable experiences.  With so many options to choose from, the CABN team has curated a range of suggested itineraries to help you combine the best of Cape St Albans and the Island.

Our Explore the Region document provides a comprehensive overview of local dining options convenient to Cape St Albans, wineries and local producers of food, wine, beer and spirits, all experienced at the farm gate or cellar door. You will also find a selection of highlights of Kangaroo Island if you wish to design your own itinerary depending on your length of stay and interests. Of course, if you wish to simply relax and enjoy all that Cape St Albans has to offer, we fully support this decision too!

Cape St Albans – 4 day, 3 night Itinerary

Cape St Albans – 3 day, 2 night Itinerary

Cape St Albans – Explore the Region