Choose your own CABN adventure – 6 reasons to give a CABN gift voucher.

Cape St Albans, Ocean View

Can you hear that? The wind gently coming and going through the trees, the birds singing from everywhere around you, your footsteps kissing the path to your hidden cabin? Float into calmness as you revel in the beauty and stillness of nature. Are you ready? Let’s go! There is ample evidence that going ‘back to […]

Embracing the power of mindfulness, and the benefits of an escape into nature.

Cape St Albans, Ocean View

Health and wellbeing are ever-important topics of conversation; how can we improve our wellbeing and overall physical and mental health? How can we maintain a healthy lifestyle? What are some tips and tricks to keep our minds healthy and our emotions positive? Perhaps now more than ever, for our current generations, health and wellbeing concerns […]