disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.
unfasten, disconnect, disengage, part, separate, loosen, free. 


Late in 2016 I discovered transcendental meditation and the revelations this practice revealed lead me on a new life journey. I went on a meditation study trip to the US and spent some time in Boston.

While on the trip I read the book Minimalism, which resonated with me and my journey on so many levels. For someone that has lived and worked within the excesses of consumerism, the concept of minimalism was a revelation. I was at a point where stress and anxiety were affecting all areas of my life – something had to change.

Whilst in America, I was exposed to a concept that resonated with me and my journey. I was instantly drawn to the concept of a minimalist lifestyle and the motivations behind it. The idea of living a more simplified, authentic and genuine lifestyle appealed to me. Having grown up spending so much time outdoors and living an adventurous life, I realised that every happy memory that I had as a child involved camping, hiking, cycling and travel with the important people in my life.

It made me want to encourage people to love each other, rather than things. It might not be possible as an everyday reality for most, but to be able to escape for a short break is enough to recharge. I then set out to bring the concept to Australia and New Zealand, tailored to our community – and CABN was born.

Michael Lamprell

Michael Lamprell